About Dr. Rene....

Dr. Claire A. Rene has been inspiring and teaching adult learners professionally for over 20 years. She commenced her educational career by teaching English literacy courses at the local community college in South Florida.

After earning her Master of Business Administration degree (MBA), she started teaching business courses to adult learners and mentoring high school students who desired to pursue entrepreneurship endeavors.

 In 2015, Dr. Rene completed her Doctorate in Education specializing in Organizational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University.  While working on her dissertation, Dr. Rene became fascinated by the concepts of Emotional Intelligence (E.I.) and leadership development. She was then motivated to participate in a rigorous Emotional Intelligence training to become a certified consultant by the Multi-Health Systems, Inc.  

Throughout the years, Dr. Claire Rene conducted robust leadership development training sessions at corporations, colleges and universities while focusing on Emotional Intelligence (E.I.) themes. After completing her graduate certificate in Instructional Design, Dr. Rene was inspired to develop the R.I.S.E Teaching Model. Her R.I.S.E. program resulted in participants understanding, acknowledging, managing, and employing their emotions to positively affect their professional and personal lives. These effective E.I. techniques also assist them in the development of leadership qualities and management of stressful life events.

Dr. Rene has also been a licensed real estate broker  since 2003 and helped others with their real estate ventures throughout her career. As her passion in entrepreneurship keeps her ignited, she also seek ways to assist others find their entrepreneurial path through her non-profit organization, iLab Startup Foundation. Furthermore, believing that everyone has a story to share, Dr. Rene has recently branched out as an official publisher so she can help others navigate through the storytelling/writing process. She humbly admits, helping others is in her DNA!

Dr. Rene’s Consulting Philosophy: “I believe we all are challenged learners and need someone to help catalyzing our drive. My consulting approach is unique because I believe in first stimulating  my learner's thought process then finding their true passion, and finally motivating their action”. Teamwork makes the dream work!